I’ve tested quite a bit of Primark PS Beauty now and it’s a real
mixed bag – there are some terrible products, but there are also some
incredible ones. I do love how they theme their collections and the
Insta Girl collection is themed around getting yourself Instagram ready
quickly and easily.

marble makeup brushes

I am totally in love with the PS
Beauty Insta Girl Makeup Bag & Brush Set (£7). The slogan is perfect
for me and the marble brushes are to die for. They don’t just look
amazing though, they work great too – soft, blending products well and
comfortable to hold. You get a powder brush, a flat buffing brush, two
small eyeshadow brushes and an angled liner brush.

Primark beauty liquid lipsticks

clear lip gloss swatch

teeth whitening lip gloss

Let’s stay positive and continue with the products I really like. The PS Beauty Insta Girl Flash Photo Gloss (£3) might look an odd colour in the tube, but it applies clear and has a beautiful shine to it. It contains blue pearl particles to make your teeth look whiter and your lips look plumper. I really like this. It’s comfortable to wear too. I’ve taken the lip gloss swatch photos with my iPhone, as that’s how we would do it normally for Instagram.

liquid lipstick hand swatches

grey lipstick

cool-toned nude liquid lipstick

I’m also really enjoying using the PS Beauty Insta Girl Intense Liquid Lipsticks (£3). Some of the colours are a tad odd – grey lips?!?! – but the warmer shade is such a unique and eye-catching nude. These lipsticks don’t dry out the lips, have a satin finish and apply smoothly and evenly. I’ll definitely be keeping hold of this!

makeup hand swatch

There are also lip liners (PS Beauty Insta Girl Kiss Proof Lip Liners) to accompany these liquid lipsticks, and this grey one actually works well with both of the lipstick shades I have and as a colour-altering base for a whole host of other lipsticks. Who’d have thought that grey lip liner could work?! They are reasonably soft and decent in quality- definitely good for the £ price tag.

nail polishes

nail wheel swatches

Finally, I really love the PS Beauty Insta Girl One Coat Nail Polishes (£2.50). These actually do what they say on the tin- give you smooth, opaque colour in just one coat. They are pretty long-lasting too and definitely don’t chip easily. If you get bored doing your nails, or like to do them on-the-go, these should be in your shopping basket.

PS Beauty Insta Girl Perfecting Stick close-up

I’ve thought in the past that Primark really struggle with making good makeup base products, so I really didn’t expect to like the PS Beauty Insta Girl Perfecting Stick (£2.50). This is a transparent balm stick that acts as a pore blurring primer. I expected this to feel heavy and greasy on my skin, but it feels very soft, very lightweight and it blends it perfectly. It’s also pretty effective at minimising the appearance of pores too. I wouldn’t say that it helps my makeup last longer, but you can’t have everything.

face makeup compact

A product from the collection that I hate however, if another base product. The PS Beauty Insta Girl Face Perfecting Prime & Anti-Shine Balm (£3) is a thick, greasy mattifying balm that you can wear as a primer or to touch up oily areas over your makeup throughout the day. It does mattify, but it feels horrible on the skin – heavy, clogging and slick.

Have you tried anything from this collection? Do you have any other beauty recommendations from Primark?

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