Mad Beauty Animask packet

It’s time for this week’s face mask review… two days late. Apologies! Mad Beauty are known for their quirky products and fun designs. They have their own Animasks sheet mask that comes in three different animal face designs, for three different skin perfecting purposes. I picked up the dog one and put it to the test.

The Mad Beauty Animasks Face Mask in Dog (£2.99 from Mad Beauty) is a sheet mask that’s been formulated with coconut oil, to be an all-round face nourishing and conditioning treat.

Mad Beauty dog Animask

My skin loves coconut oil, and sheet masks that contain it are right up there at the top of my favourites. This mask really softens, hydrates and conditions the skin; leaving it feeling silky smooth. The problem is that the fibre material the mask is made from is too thick, so you don’t get a good fit to the face; which is a real shame. If Mad Beauty did some tinkering with this, it could well be a perfect everyday face mask for me. At the moment however, with the way it crinkles and doesn’t sit tight on the skin, it’s just too annoying for me to use again.

I do think the animal face prints on the masks are fun though, and it makes sheet-masking a whole lot more entertaining – especially if you add one of the headbands to your look too (£3.50 from Mad Beauty) – this is the Panda one. Have you tried these sheet masks before?

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