Sarah Chapman Skinesis 3D Moisture Infusion Masks

This is the first Sarah Chapman product I’ve tried, and I’ve had my eye on these for a while. When I spotted them online for £9 less than their normal price, I just had to snap them up.

These are pricey masks, and there’s no getting away from that fact. However, when I spotted them on Perfume Click for £34 (for 4 masks) instead of the usual £43 (for 4 masks) from the likes of Space NK and John Lewis, I had to get them. I know some people don’t like buying products from discount beauty sites as they are often older products; things like individually-sealed sheet masks as absolutely fine. I got an amazing bargain! They also have a lot of other Sarah Chapman products on there if you are interested and would like to save some money.

These masks are amazing – they make your skin incredibly plump and soft with a huge burst of hydration. However, they are probably not more amazing in terms of results than the bargain £1.99 Garnier Moisture Infusion Masks that you know I love. Where these Sarah Chapman masks do excel is in their design – they are bio cellulose masks instead of basic fibre sheet masks, so they feel like a very thin gel – like a second skin – and they sit comfortably and snuggly on the skin. Bio cellulose masks also help the ingredients to penetrate into the skin better, so you don’t need to wear them for as long as fibre masks. They are more pleasant to use that the fibre Garnier masks, so I’d get a pack and keep them for special pamper sessions before important events.

These masks also contain rosewater to soothe the skin, and a unique zinc, copper and magnesium complex to energise the skin’s cell respiration. I really like these masks, but the main thing I use them for (and they do for me) is to hydrate and plump my skin, and I know I can get these same results from masks that are much more affordable. I am excited to try other products from the Sarah Chapman Skinesis range now though.

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