glitter tears eye makeup

Whilst I haven’t been to any festivals this year, I’ve still been loving a glitter eye makeup look. I wanted to share with you my two go-to ways to wear glitter on my face, as well as an amazing glitter mix brand that I’ve discovered called Shine Shack.

shine shack Ultimate Iridescent Collection

If you are a glitter fan, Shine Shack is an amazing place to shop for your next fix. They produce the most incredible glitter mixes and their packaging and presentation is spot-on and so gorgeous. I picked up one of their collections – the Ultimate Iridescent Collection (£34.50), where you get five pots of different glitters, a pot of glitter fixing balm, a stunning mermaid-esque irridescent pouch and a cute pink application brush.

shine shack Ultimate Iridescent Collection glitters

shine shack Ultimate Iridescent Collection glitters

These glitters are suitable for use all over the face and body, and the Vaseline-like balm fixes it in place very well. The five glitter mixes that you get in the collection are all varied and chunky – there’s a blue-green ‘mermaid scale’ glitter, a silver star glitter, a unicorn-like pink-purple irridescent glitter, a white irridescent glitter and a gold ‘disco-glam’ glitter. I love them all.

glitter eye makeup look

Two of my favourite ways to wear these glitter on my face are as ‘glitter tears’, or packed on as an overall eyeshadow. They also look great along your cheekbones too. I think everyone should have a bit of glitter makeup in their lives as it makes you feel a little bit happier. Let’s bring on a glitter revolution!

Are you a glitter fan? Have you tried Shine Shack glitters before?

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