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It’s the beginning of Halloween season – the perfect time of year to watch a scary movie. I’ve rounded up my five favourites to recommend to you.

michael myers

Halloween (1978)

The original Halloween film is my favourite scary movie of all time. Michael Myers is such an iconic character that immediately gives me chills. I was able to see one of his boilersuit and mask costumes when I was in LA earlier this year. Jamie Lee Curtis is just perfection in this film too. It tells the story of a young boy who murders his sister one Halloween and then comes back to the sleepy town as a grown man, over a decade later, to hunt down his next victim JLC aka Laurie Strode.

If you are in Glasgow at the end of October, this film is screening in the very atmospheric Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in conjunction with BAaD on the 28th, but it’s sold out already. I am going to be away when it’s on and i’m feeling quite annoyed with myself right now.

halloween h20

Halloween H20 (1998)

My second favourite scary movie is another from the Halloween franchise. There’s a new one being made just now too – how exciting is that!? Halloween H20 is set 20 years after the original film. Laurie Strode is now living under an assumed name and working as a headteacher at a high school. If there’s anything scarier than Michael Myers coming, it’s Michael Myers coming back once you thought you were safe! He manages to track her down, however, and sets out to finish her and her son off once and for all.

psycho shower scene

Psycho (1960)

Third on my list is Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. This is a classic black & white scary movie that should be on everyone’s lists to watch this Halloween. When I was in LA, I visited the sound stage it was filmed on at Paramount Studios. Obviously there’s nothing to see now, but the sound proofing insulation was still the same around the walls and it was so atmospheric. If walls could talk! The film follows the creepy owner of a roadside motel, Norman Bates, his weird relationship with his mother, and his murder of one of the motel guests in the shower.

psycho live glasgow rsno

If you are in Glasgow on 26th October, Psycho is screening at Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, accompanied with a live RSNO orchestra. I’m going and i’m so excited. Expect violins. Eeek eeek eeek eeek. You can purchase tickets here.

jeepers creepers

Jeepers Creepers (2001)

I find the original Jeepers Creepers movie so scary. I guarantee you will never want to hear that song again once you’ve watched this. Two teenagers take a road trip home from college and pass the hideout of a flying ‘man crossed with a bat’ beast who then proceeds with hunting them down. He’s strong, extremely agile, needs to eat and is no match for a human.

drag me to hell

Drag Me To Hell (2009)

With the exception of Michael Myers, the old woman in this film is the scariest movie character ever. It tells the story of a loan officer who evicts an old lady from her home, despite her literally begging for help. It turns out that that loan officer messed with the wrong old lady – she has powers you would not believe. It’s all about gypsy curses and it will haunt your dreams!

What are your favourite scary movies?

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