Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection

The blue packaging of this collection is stunning. Like Kiko’s summer range, it has been designed by Ross Lovegrove. It’s inspired by the magical, romantic city of Venice at night – the water, the Baroque architecture and its intrigue. There are some amazing products in this range, as well as some average ones.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Eye Contour Mask

I love that there is a skincare item in the collection – the Eye Contour Mask* (£5.90 from Kiko Milano) is a hydrogel mask that resembles a lace masked ball mask, and is formulated to hydrate and energise the under-eye area. It performs fine – it’s not one of the best eye masks I’ve tried by any means, but it’s not the worst either. It looks so fun, and it does make your eye area softer and more hydrated, but you don’t see any incredible difference after using it.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Kabuki Brush Blush Brush

The other beauty items in the collection that aren’t makeup are two brushes – a Kabuki Brush* (£16.90) and a Blush Brush (£14.90). You may be tempted to skip on these since they are quite pricey for Kiko and for brushes in general, but they are amazing. I love them. The bristles are so soft but tightly packed together. They have a curved shape that fits around the contours of your face – the Kabuki is perfect for contouring, and the Blush brush is amazing for highlighting cheekbones. They look incredibly stylish too.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Magnetic Eyeshadow

Kiko Fall 2.0 Magnetic Eyeshadow

Kiko Fall 2.0 makeup look

Onto the makeup, there are six incredible eyeshadows – the Kiko Fall 2.0 Magnetic Eyeshadow* (£12.90) comes in six shades. I have 01 Over The Taupe and 04 Purple Mind, and they are SO pigmented and blend out beautifully. The fact that they are magnetic doesn’t make a difference to your user experience, it just means the loose powder formula keeps its wave pattern and doesn’t spill out of the pot. These are such silky smooth shadows and have pearl in the powder to help give that rich, intense colour and shine.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection Eyeliners

Kiko Fall 2.0 eyeliner liquid swatches

It’s the eye products in this collection that are the real winners. The Liquid Eyeliner* (£8.90) has a great brush that allows you to get a smooth, precise line, and the formula is so long-lasting and pigmented -you can do your eyeliner in just one stroke. There are four shades and I have 01 Future Is Gold and 04 Steel Core. Steel Core is an amazing metallic midnight blue-grey with a purple shift and it’s my favourite. I’ll be wearing this for the rest of the year.

Kiko 2.0 Fall Collection Metallic Liner

Kiko Fall 2.0 Metallic Liners

There are also kohl pencil eyeliners. The Metallic Liners* (£5.90) can be used on the eyes or the lips. They are very pale and not as pigmented as I’d like, but they do look pretty in the waterline. There are three shades and I have 02 Be Gold and 03 Copper Addict. You have to go over your line a few times to get the colour pay-off in the swatches above and they aren’t very long-lasting either.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Mascara

The Kiko Fall 2.0 Mascara* (£12.90), however, is very good indeed. It has a tiny plastic-bristled brush that allows you to get right into all your lashes without smudging or getting any on your lids. I love the small brush! This mascara really seperates your lashes to add definition, and it adds length too.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Baked Bronzer in 01 Warm Melange

Kiko Fall 2.0 Baked Bronzer in 01 Warm Melange swatch

Kiko Fall 2.0 Duo Bronzer in 01 Bright Life

Kiko Fall 2.0 Duo Bronzer in 01 Bright Life swatch

I’ve also been trying out the blusher, bronzer and highlighter powders in the collection. Like in the summer collection, there is a huge Baked Bronzer* (£22.90). It comes in two shades and is designed to bronze your whole body. It comes in two shades, and I have the warmer of the two – 01 Warm Melange. This is too warm and orange for my pale skin and I find the formula very powdery and dusty. I don’t think it blends very well either. I do like the other bronzer in the line however. The much smaller Kiko Fall 2.0 Duo Bronzer in 01 Bright Life* (£15.90) is the palest of two shades. This doesn’t have that same powdery texture – there is hardly any fall-out and it blends really nicely. It comes with larger matte section, and a smaller shimmery section. You can mix them both together, or use them seperately. It looks very natural on the skin and is effortless to use. You only need a tiny amount on your brush!

Kiko Fall 2.0 Highlighter in 01 Gold In Progress

Kiko Fall 2.0 Highlighter in 01 Gold In Progress

I also really love the Highlighter* (£13.90) formula. This comes in two shades – a gold and a darker bronze – and I have 01 Gold In Progress. This powder highlighter is so creamy and pigmented. It has a finely-milled, not chunky, shimmer and reflects light beautifully. It blends beautifully over the cheekbones, and also makes a really pretty eyeshadow too.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Duo Blush in 03 Stylish Pink swatch

The Duo Blush* (£12.90) is a product that I’m not so keen on. There are four shades combos, and I have 03 Stylish Pink. The texture of this is very powdery and chalky, and there is a lot of fallout – you only need a tiny amount on your brush as it’s so pigmented, but it’s very difficult to get this due to the amount of fallout that happens when you touch the surface. It also doesn’t blend very well, so you can end up looking a bit too rosy-cheeked very easily.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection Lip Liners

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection Lip Liners swatches

There is liquid foundation in the Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection that I haven’t tried, as well as an eyeshadow primer Eye Base, Lip Stylo lipsticks and 3D lipglosses. However, I did get to give the Lip Liners* (£5.90) a go. I have two of the six shades – 01 Innovative Nude and 03 Red Generation. These are very pigmented and just glide onto the lips. They may be a tad too soft, but they still perform very well and are easy to use. The formula is creamy and you could definitely wear them on your lips on their own without them looking or feeling too dry.

Kiko Fall 2.0 Collection makeup

Have you tried anything from this collection? What do you think of it?

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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