DIY Cardboard Christmas Wreaths

If you don’t have the time or resources to make a full-on foliage Christmas wreath, I wanted to show you four quick and easy cardboard alternatives.

christmas craft supplies

You will need cardboard wreath shapes – I bought mine from online craft supply store Baker Ross (£2.75 for 10), but you could cut them out of corregated cardboard yourself. I also used gold and silver star foam stickers (£2.99 from Baker Ross), wooden bark stars (£3.99 from Baker Ross), holly and ivy foam stickers (£2.99 from Baker Ross) and Christmas coloured pompoms (£2.75 from Baker Ross). Arm yourself with a Pritt Stick too. I actually have a 20% off code for Baker Ross, if you’re interested – ALWF20.

christmas craft supplies

christmas wreath decorations

christmas wreath how to

how to make a christmas wreath

This tutorial literally couldn’t be easier, but hopefully my designs will give you some inspiration. All you need to do is stick or glue the decorations/stickers onto the card wreaths all the way around. I really enjoy crafting at Christmas especially, as you can go as far out and glittery as you like. Have fun and try these out with some different decorations too.

pompom wreath

cardboard christmas wreath

They don’t have to be very neat, and don’t worry about gaps. Just place the decorations where you want them to go. Once you are finished, you are ready to hang or sit the wreaths wherever you want to. Simple! If you create any different designs, with other decorations and stickers, I’d love to see them.

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