When tech21 told me all about their iPhone cases and screen protectors, and asked me to share them with you guys, I couldn’t wait to try their products out for myself. Their cases are beautiful and extremely practical, and if you don’t have an iPhone, don’t worry, as they’ll have a case for your device too.

Everyone wants their iPhones to look attractive and be kept safe at the same time. However, some of the more practical, damage-proof cases out there look just a little to industrial. tech21 manage to produce cases with that industrial strength, but also with beautiful, eye-catching designs at the same time. They have been producing the most advanced, scientifically-proven cases since 2005.

tech21 Evo Elite Lace Edition for iPhone 7 / iPhone 8

tech21 Evo Elite Lace Edition for iPhone 7 / iPhone 8

If you’ve just got your hands on the new iPhone 8, you’re going to want to keep it looking as good as new for as long as possible. We all drop our phones, but with tech21’s cases for the iPhone 8 device and earlier models, you can have that drop-proof peace of mind. The tech21 Evo Elite Lace Edition for iPhone 7 / iPhone 8* (£49.95 from tech21) features a modern lace design. Like all of tech 21’s cases, it fits very comfortably in your hand, and gives you easy access to all of your phone’s buttons and ports. It has a scratch resistant finish, meaning that even your case is protected from damage.

tech21 Evo Elite Polished Rose Gold case

tech21 Evo Elite Polished Rose Gold case

On my iPhone, i’ve been using the Evo Elite Polished Rose Gold case* (£39.95 from tech21) as it matches perfectly with the rose gold metal on my device. All of tech21’s cases utilise their uique 3-layer impact absorption system, and it’s own FlexShock material to protect your phone from drops. Each design is rigourously laboratory tested, with them being drop tested 20 times to ensure their durability; meaning that we don’t have to worry so much about dropping our phones.

tech21 Impact Shield Self-Heal for iPhone 7/8

tech21 offer market-leading protection for your phone, and I love my case. It’s durable, beautiful and doesn’t even interfere with things such as Wi-Fi signal or Apple Pay readability. I also have one of tech21’s screen protectors on my phone too, for further protection. The last thing anyone wants is for their iPhone screen glass to shatter! The tech21 Impact Shield Self-Heal for iPhone 7/8* (£19.95 from tech21) features something called BulletShield, which is used in the making of bullet-proof glass. It’s a technique where multiple layers spread out and absorb the impact from a drop or shock; stopping the force from passing through to your actual iPhone screen. It also has a soft polymer surface layer that smoothes over day-to-day scratches by itself, like magic.

If you are getting an iPhone 8 or iPhone X for Christmas, make sure that you add a tech21 case and screen protector onto your letter to Santa too, so that you can keep it safe, drop more and care less.

This is a sponsored post with tech21, but all opinions are my own.

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