Skin 689 Face Mask

Skin689 is a premium Swiss brand, made in Switzerland, that uses active ingredients to treat the skin and enhance its appearance. As a small, indepedent brand, they only have four products, and one of them is a face mask – their moisturising, intensly hydrating Bio-Cellulose Hyaluron Mask* (£5.90 for 1 from skin689).

Bio-cellulose is one of the most effective type of face masks at getting the ingredients its infused with into your skin. It’s far superior to fibre and hydrogel masks as it can hold 100x their weight in moisture, so they never dry out during treatment. It has a light gel texture and it fits snuggly into all the contours of your face like a second skin. They are more expensive than standard fibre sheet masks, but they are so worth it as you’ll really see the results on your skin.

This mask from skin689 is hydrating and conditioning, so leaves your skin feeling incredibly soft, comfortable and plump with moisture. It’s designed to be worn for 20-30 minutes, before massaging any excess serum into your skin. I would always leave it on for as close to the full 30 minutes as you can. The serum it is infused with is rich in proteins and amino acids to moisturise, nourish and soothe the skin. It’s also packed with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid to plump out lines and wrinkles from the inside by locking in moisture to your skin. An ingredient called Adenosine is also contained to stimulate collagen synthesis.

This is such a cooling and pleasant mask to use and it makes a real difference to your skin – perfect for use before applying your makeup for a night out, or just as a major moisturising treat.

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