healthy banana pancakes

I’m currently on a diet and am starting to eat a lot healthier. I wanted to share my recipe for healthy banana pancakes with you – a recipe that’s perfect for breakfast.

banana pancake ingredients

You will need:

1 large banana

2 large eggs

1 pinch of baking powder

1 tsp oil

Low-Fat Greek Yogurt



banana pancake mix recipe

In a large bowl, begin by mashing your banana into a puree. In a seperate bowl, beat your two eggs. Add your eggs to the banana, with a pinch of baking powder and mix thoroughly.

cooking banana pancakes

Take a frying pan and brush on half of your oil. Heat the pan up then scoop in some of the mixture to make two pancakes – roughly a quarter of the mixture per pancake. Cook on one side until they are slightly brown, then flip to cook the other side. Repeat this step with the rest of the pancake mix, to make a further two pancakes.

banana pancakes

To serve, take two pancakes and add a scoop of greek yogurt on top. Garnish with raspberries and grated hazelnut. I also mashed down some raspberries to make a raspberry compote and added some of this too.

These pancakes do have an eggier texture than regular pancakes, but they still work very well with all traditional pancake toppings. You’ll also be amazed at how little you taste the banana, so if you aren’t a banana fan, I would definitely still try these.

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