dermovia lace your face mask

This week I have a review of a mask that I picked up in LA as it looked so intriguing. Instead of a fibre, hydrogel or bio-cellulose mask, this one is made of lace fabric. Gimmick?

In the UK, you’re going to struggle to get your hand on this brand, but I thought it was too interesting a mask to not share it with you, and I know there are lots of you reading from the US too.

dermovia lace your face mask

The Dermovia Lace Your Face masks are literally sheets of thick lace fabric, soaked in serum, with the appropriate holes cut out. They fit a lot better to the face than other types of sheet mask as they have hooks for your ears – two lots (at the side, then a panel that goes up from under your chin). This keeps the mask very tight and snug on the face. They actual advertise the masks as giving ‘clinical compression’ – appartently it’s healing and soothing for the skin and helps with the retention of moisture. I’m not sure I buy that!

dermovia lace your face mask

There are several varieties of lace mask offered by Dermovia, but the one I’ve been trying is the Calming Chamomile one ($15 from Dermovia). You apply the mask for 15 minutes, before removing and massaging in any excess. The instructions say that the mask can be re-used, but I wouldn’t do this as it’s a wet mask, so wouldn’t be very hygenic. The packaging also can’t be sealed up again. The serum that the mask is infused with contains natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. There’s soothing Chamomile Extract, which is also anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory. There’s also balancing Tahiti Sea Water Extract to improve skin texture and increase its elasticity; repairing Apple Stem Cells to help maintain and repair the skin; antioxident Squalene to protect and promote cell growth; and anti-irritant Cogon Grass Extract to energise, revitalise and improve blood circulation.

This is a pleasant mask to wear and it leaves your skin feeling soothed, hydrated and soft; but it’s nothing special and definitely isn’t worth the high price tag. It’s not better than any other type of face mask – the lace and compression is just a gimmick to make the mask look more attractive. Who wants to be seen in any type of face mask anyway?! If you come across this, I’d definitely tell you to pass on it.

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