oskia citylife detox magic modelling mask

I love Oskia as a brand, so I was so excited to get to try out their new face mask from their anti-pollution Citylife collection.

The Oskia Citylife Detox Mask Magic Modelling Mask* (£64 for 4 masks from Oskia Skincare) comes in individual sachets. Each sachet is split in two down the middle and the idea is that you burst this divider so that the contents of the two halves mix together – one is charcoal powder and the other is a vitamin-packed liquid jelly. Once the divider has been broken, you have to roll the sachet between your hands, for no more than 30 seconds, to mix the contents. You then have another 30 seconds to open the sachet and apply the mask to your face before it starts to harden and set into place. You leave the mask on your face for 20 minutes and it goes from a thick paste, to an almost rubberised solid. I don’t like the design of this mask and I don’t think it’s very functional. The divider between the two sections of the sachet is very hard to break, and the mask is quite difficult to mix once this has been achieved. I would have much rather had the mask come as two individual sachets, with a little pot to mix them together in – that would have been much simpler and more practical than its current design.

Oskia Citylife Detox Mask Magic Modelling Mask

This mask is 100% natural and detoxifying. It’s designed to neutralise free radicals and environmental impurities on your skin, as well as leaving it feeling calm, soothed and hydrated. This is a mask that’s aimed at those who spend a lot of time in the city and need to be cleansed of pollution – perfect for commuters and city workers. It contains Activated Charcoal Powder, which draws out impurities and cleans out pores; black Kaolin clay, which also removes impurities as well as stimulates circulation; as well as Malachite, which is rich in Copper to protect against environmental stress and reboot your body’s own key antioxidant. There’s also Astaxanthin to clean up free radicals; O3 Yeast Lysate, to hydrate the skin and protect against environmental pollution; then a host of natural ingredients that calm, hydrate and soothe inflamed skin.

This mask does leave your skin feeling very clean and very comfortable. I’m really impressed by the mask itself, I just don’t like how its designed – it’s almost more hassle than its worth. I really hope they change how they present this mask, as the split sachet design just doesn’t work well enough. Give me a little pot and a mixing spoon any day.

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