lush rosy cheeks fresh face mask

The Lush fresh face masks are something i’ve been using since I was barely a teen. My Mum used to take me to Lush and we’d buy a mask to put on when we got home, in a little mini pamper session. I’ve always thought of Lush masks fondly as a result, but I haven’t tried one in quite a while. Step in Rosy Cheeks – my first foray into Lush’s fresh face masks in years.

When you go into Lush, an assistant will fill you up a tub of your chosen fresh face mask from the face mask bar. You then have a number of weeks to use the mask, as long as you keep it refridgerated. I opted to try Rosy Cheeks, as it’s deeply cleansing, as well as being soothing and calming.

lush rosy cheeks fresh face mask

You smear this thick pink clay over your entire face, then leave it to set and harden for around 30 minutes, before removing with a warm, damp flannel. This is an ideal mask to use in the winter months of the year, when your skin can get dry, irritated and sore. The mask contains Kaolin Clay, which cleanses the skin and absorbs impurities. There’s also balancing and restorative Rose Oil, and soothing Calamine Powder. It will leave your skin deeply cleansed, toned and calm.

I’m not overly keen on the very floral scent of this, as it has quite an artificial scent; however, I’m prepared to put up with this since the mask gives such great results. It has many of the effects of the much more expensive Charlotte Tilbury Goddess Skin Clay Mask. My skin always feels so clean, so soft and very happy after using this mask, and i’ve been loving it in these very cold months of the year. I’m happy to be back on the Lush fresh face masks bandwagon, and can’t wait to try out another one.

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