colourful easter chocolate bark

I wanted to cook or bake something for Easter to share with you, but when I went looking for inspiration, my thoughts kept coming back to chocolate bark, as it’s such a fun, colourful and easy recipe. Instead of an Easter egg this year, why not give friends and family some shards of this pretty and yummy treat.

easter chocolate bark ingredients

To make the same chocolate bark as mine, you will need:

10 bars of white chocolate

Blue Candy Melts, £3.25, Hobbycraft

Pink Candy Melts, £3.25, Hobbycraft

Yellow Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter, £2.50, Hobbycraft

Colourful Sugar Strand Sprinkles

Galaxy Golden Eggs

Cadbury Mini Eggs

Cadbury Mini Creme Eggs

easter chocolate bark recipe

melted white chocolate

Start by preparing a baking tray by lining it with a sheet of foil. This makes it easier to lift the hard chocolate bark out of the tray, without it sticking. Next, break up the white chocolate into squares into a cooking bowl, and empty out the candy melts into seperate cooking bowls too. Boil your kettle and fill a large pot on the hob of your cooker with one third of boiling water, then place the white chocolate bowl on top. Stir until this melts, then pour into the foiled tray. Use a spatula to spread the melted white chocolate out evenly across the tray.

how to marble chocolate

colourful marbled chocolate

Now it’s time to melt the blue candy melts, and then the pink candy melts, the same way. When each is melted, use a spatula to mix and marble each colour into the white chocolate tray.

easter chocolate bark

easter chocolate bark

The final stages are the fun part! Take your Mini Eggs, Golden Eggs and cut-in-half Creme Eggs, and lay them out evenly across the melted marbled chocolate on the tray. Sprinkle over some of the yellow glitter and the sprinkles, and you are ready to put it in the fridge for a few hours to harden.

easter chocolate recipe

When you’ve checked that the chocolate bark is hard, remove it from the fridge and lift the foil from the tray. Start to smash up or randomly break the chocolate slab until you have shards of different shapes and sizes. Wrap some of these up to make lovely Easter gifts for friends and family.

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