bargain sheet masks

You all know that I’m a sheet mask addict – I do one nearly every day. I got so excited when I found that one of my favourite stores, Home Bargains, were now selling them for just 89p each. I just had to try them, and share the results with you.

The brand behind these masks is Derma V10. I know nothing about them except for the fact that Home Bargains stocks a lot of their skincare products – cleansing wipes and creams etc, all at very budget prices. I actually quite like their Coconut Body Butter as it’s thick and ultra moisturising.

Now they are producing sheet masks, and I picked up both available varieties to give them a try. There’s a Hydrating Vitamin E Woven Face Mask (89p from Home Bargains), and an Anti-Ageing Collagen Woven Face Mask (89p). I didn’t have very high hopes for these, but I actually really like them. They leave your skin feeling incredibly soft and deeply moisturised. I’m not sure what they mean by ‘woven’ – they are just standard fibre sheet masks.

When it comes to the anti-ageing one, i’m not sure how much of an anti-ageing effect it actually has; but apart from the Collagen ingredient, it contains pretty much the same ingredients as the Vitamin E mask, and has the same instant moisturising and conditioning effect that makes the perfect base for makeup.

The top two ingredients in them both are water, and skin softening and moisture-attracting Glycerin. They both also contain the soothing anti-inflammatory Aloe Vera, and what they call a “special combination of herbal extracts to condition and nourish your skin”. From what I can see in the ingredients list, this is Chamomile Extract (soothing and an anti-inflammatory), Horse Mint Leaf Extract, Bourbon Geranium Extract (sebum balancing), and Sophora Tree Extract (a Chinese healing herb). It’s very difficult to find out much information about some of these ingredients, so i’m not sure how beneficial to your skin they actually are.

With these masks, I’d just take them for what they actually are. Basic sheet masks that really make your skin feel soft and moisturised, and contain soothing properties. Don’t expect anything from them except for these basic immediate results, and you won’t be disapointed. They’re nothing special, but they are good value for just 89p. I’d use these as an extra moisturising treat before makeup application, as they do that job well.

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