nafigate cosmetics nano eye lift

This week’s Face Mask Friday post is all about the Nafigate Cosmetics Nano Eye Lift* (£29.99 from Amazon). This pack of three under-eye masks promises to smooth for instant wrinkle reduction. Their clinical studies show that wrinkles are reduced by 75%. I’ve put it to the test, so is it any good? Lets start by talking about how much of a faff this is to you. You get a white nano fibre membrane eye mask (basically biocellulose), sandwiched between two sheet of brown paper, and you have to apply the serums to it yourself before then applying it to your under-eye. It’s so fiddly and difficult to get the brown paper sheets off, and the membrane mask can easily get folded and stuck together because it’s so slim and flimsy.

If this product was the wonder product it claims – instantly reducing wrinkles by 75% for as long as 48 hours – I wouldn’t mind the hassle of application, but sadly it doesn’t work nearly as good as it says it does; making the whole task of assembling it a waste of time, as you can get biocellulose eye masks from so many different brands, already soaked in serum, that do exactly the same thing.

nafigate cosmetics nano eye lift

The dry nano fibre membrane masks (you get three pairs) also come with a tube of Hyaluronic Acid Serum (nothing revolutionary here) and a tube of what they call Nourishing Cream, which gets applied on top of the mask (on the other side from the Hyaluronic Acid Serum). The main ingredients of the Nourishing Cream are water and skin-softening Glycerin (an emoliant that attracts moisture to the skin). After wearing these masks, your skin is smooth, soft and fine lines are disguised via the skin being plumped up with moisture. I don’t believe there is any way this mask could have the dramatic effect it claims on deep-set wrinkles, as it’s purely a moisture-adding skin plumper. Results are of course temporary, and there are so many under-eye masks already on the market that do exactly the same things as these masks, but with less hassle for the consumer.

These masks are such a fail for me as they are just too much hassle to assemble, and the results aren’t any different from so many other masks out there. The price (nearly £10 per application) is just ridiculous too. Pass people, pass!

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