blogger desk

Spring is upon us, so I thought I’d take the opportunity, when things feel new and fresh, to update you on my life, how I’m feeling, and to give you a desk tour of the space I work in.

Oh life! How do I describe to you how I’m feeling? Winter was hard – the dark mornings, dark nights and cold weather didn’t help the trauma I was still trying to deal with from the events of 2017. Throughout January and February, I felt really quite depressed, anxious about my life ahead, and lonely due to the lack of blog/press events and opportunities to spend time with my friends. Now that it’s March and the weather is turning, I see more light ahead. I can’t wait until it’s warm outside and the sun is shining, and social events in Glasgow pick up – as I need to spend more time with my friends and fellow bloggers.

Since the new year, I’ve been forced to think a lot about who I am (as I’ve been feeling quite lost) and what I want to be doing. The thing I’m constantly passionate about, and am in love with, is this blog and my social channels, so efforts are stepping up even more, to bring you content you’ll enjoy. This is my full-time job and I love it. I do get lonely working from home by myself, however, so I am trying to get back into TV and film production work, to do this alongside everything else. I’m also spending time at the gym trying to get fitter after 2017, and getting the strength back in my knee – which is more or less better now, but just a bit weak at times.

I’m trying to keep looking forward, and add more things to my diary to keep me busy and around smiley, happy people. I’m going to New York in May, so I’m planning for this and researching all the things that I want to do there.

creatives desk

I also wanted to do a desk tour in this post, to show you the home office space that I work in (when I’m not wrapped up in blankets on the couch). I’m going to link to everything you can still buy, incase you spot something that takes your fancy.

gallery wall

I’ve been building a huge gallery wall, full of inspirational quotes and images, slowly over the last few months. Most of the A5 illustrated quote cards are from my monthly Glittery Hands Box – a crafty, creative supplies box that I subscribe to. The rest are posters and canvases that I got printed myself from free printables that I found online. The latest addition to my gallery wall is a sign that I designed myself and had made by Signomatic – the pink ‘Believe In Yourself’ sign, which I love to see every day. You may also spot a tiny poker chip from my trip to Monte Carlo last May.

blogger desk space

I keep my pens in a Zoella Lifestyle spotty pot, a Chip mug from Disneyland California, and an interesting green glass. I also love my gold Zoella Lifestyle ‘Inspire’ sign – it’s still available to buy too. I love my desk to be full of colour and inspiration. How cute are my little donut page markers, pastel paperclip and tack collection and my white ceramic camera?!

colourful desk

At the other side of my desk I have my initials in gold glittery plastic letters, from Meri Meri. I had to use a ‘7’ for the L as there wasn’t any ‘L’s left! I also have a practical Disney Mrs Potts and Chip Lip Gloss Duo from Mad Beauty, and a Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer. The pink pen is from Swarovski, the marble phone/tablet holder is from Bo Concept, and the desk calendar was part of the Zoella Lifestyle 2017 limited editon Christmas collection. There are also photos everywhere of my beautiful little dog baby that died last year.

wooden work desk

girl boss desk sign

The desk itself was a gift from Kit Out My Office, and I love it. It’s just the right size to be able to work on and house all my desk decorations. I also had another plastic sign made by Signomatic for my desk drawer, as a kind of name plate – ‘Girl Boss’.

Let’s hope 2018 is full of laughter and new, exciting opportunities. I’m ready and waiting!

To find out more about what I’m loving, and what I’m doing, over on my Instagram.