bath and body works sheet masks

Have you missed my Face Mask Friday posts these last couple of weeks? Since I’ve just been to the US, it’s fitting that I should bring you something cool from my trip. Cult US store Bath & Body Works (which are famous for their fun and heavily-scented candles, hand gels and body washes) have just launched a range of sheet masks. I love this store so much, so I was excited to try them out.

I love the packaging of these – they are fun and colourful, and they match well with the rest of the store’s bright vibe. Each variety of mask is easily identified via its colour, and the design of each is fun and simple. There are six varieties that are priced at $5 each; however, when I was in store, these were on offer at three for $12. Cool as a Cucumber has cucumber and aloe extract to soothe; Sea You Soon has sea minerals and hyaluronic acid to hydrate; If You Shea So has shea butter and jojoba oil to deeply moisturise; Totally Tea-Riffic has antibacterial tea tree oil and licorice root extract to purify; Keep It Fruity has papaya and tea extracts to brighten and protect, and Love You Berry Much has a superfruit berry complex to boost collagen production and glow.

The three masks that I got was Cool as a Cucumber, If You Shea So and Keep It Fruity. My first thought when picking up these masks was about how heavily scented they would be – after all, it is Bath & Body Works is it not?! Actually, the three varieties that I tried didn’t really have much of a scent at all, and they all smelt pretty much the same. Inside, these are very basic fibre sheet masks, and I felt that the results from all three of them were more or less the same – soothing, hydrating and skin-plumping, glow-boosting and skin-softening. When you compare the $5 price of these to the super-cheap Korean sheet masks that you can pick up on Amazon for around $1 each, these just don’t seem to be worth the money. These Bath & Body Works masks do leave your skin feeling great, but they are nothing special and I think that sheet mask connoisseurs will cotton on to this pretty quickly.

If you are a real Bath & Body Works fan, go ahead and give these a try; but if you are just looking for basic but effective low-price sheet masks, head to Amazon and buy a bumper pack of Korean masks – as you’ll get more masks for your money, and probably a bit more hydration from them too.

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