Scinic Dual Rubber Masks

For this week’s Face Mask Friday post, i’m sharing my thoughts on two unique, two-step face masks that I bought in New York. One is to give your skin a huge boost in moisture, and the other is to help lift and firm your skin. I was immediately drawn to these as they look so cool.

I was so excited to try these as I love masks that are a little bit different. These are slightly wet, thin, rubber, sheet masks that you apply on top of quite a thick cream that is provided. The mask is supposed to intensify the absorption of the cream by the skin. I was extremely disappointed with these however. The rubber tears very easily, it constantly slips down your face, and after you remove the rubber element, the cream is still sitting on the surface of the skin like it was at the beginning. There is no way this is more effective than a light serum-soaked fibre or bio-cellulose mask.

scinic dual rubber lifting mask

I picked up two varieties – moisturising and lifting – and I have tried them both. Both were complete failures and caused me to break out. Neither were moisturising nor lifting. They contain anti-ageing and rejuvenating fruit extracts, as well as the cell-protecting, antioxidant Camellia Sinensis Leaf. Camellia Sinensis Leaf is also supposed to act as an anti-inflammatory and contain Methylxanthines, which help to stimulate skin microcirculation. The Lifting mask also has the additional ingredient Ginseng, which is intended to boost collagen production. There is no ingredient that I can see in the Lifting mask that would cause your skin to look more lifted or firmer, even if your skin did absorb the cream. To put it simply, these masks just don’t work.

Due to the fact that they are a two-part mask, they were quite expensive too – around $8 each in Ulta. If you come across these, I’d just recommend that you move swiftly on.

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