Now that I have booked what will probably be my last holiday abroad of 2018, i’ve been putting together my travel bucket list for 2019. There are lots of places that I want to visit, so let’s hope that I can fit them all in!

Let’s start with where i’m heading this November – Lanzarote, an island off the coast of Spain. I’m going for 7 nights all-inclusive (see HolidayGems) with my partner David, and all we plan to do is lie in the sun, eat and read. We are 100m from a gorgeous beach, and our hotel has stunning pool areas too. It has been a pretty busy and stressful 2 years for me, so I’m hoping this will be the peace and quiet, and full of feel-good vibes, holiday that I need.

walt disney world castle

March – Walt Disney World, Florida, USA

Next year, around March, I had been planning on going to Walt Disney World in Orlando for two weeks with my Mum. I’m really looking forward to this, but it’s going to be so hard to leave David for two weeks. There is always Facetime and Skype though. We are planning on staying in a Disney hotel (the Polynesian would be my top choice), and spend two whole weeks in this magical land – with only the odd trip outside to iHop! I’ve been to Walt Disney World so many times before, but I adore it.


June – Sorrento, Italy

June is David’s birthday (a big one) and I want to take him on holiday for a week. I doubt he’ll be reading this, so at the moment, I’m thinking Sorrento in Italy. It will be really warm at this time of year, and it’s such a relaxed place. I’ve been before with my parents, and I found the cool, winding streets and tiny restaurants so charming. It would be a hotel with an amazing pool area, and we’d go on trips across to the island of Capri, and along on the train to Pompeii (as I was too young to appreciate it last time).

los angeles rodeo drive

October – Los Angeles, Los Angeles, USA

I’ve been here before and have done a few blog posts on it (if you have a peek in the Travel section of my blog). I spent two weeks here, but it’s such an amazing place and I don’t feel like i’ve even touched the surface. I went in April last year, but I think that October or November would be a great time to go, as I could get in some Christmas shopping. I’ve got quite a few people that I need to visit in LA too, so it would be a trip packed with fun reunions, and a lot more time at the beach than I had last year.

My 2019 travel plans aren’t that adventurous. I’d love to keep next year calm and simple, by revisiting places that I know and feel comfortable in. Places that make me happy. Look out for my Lanzarote trip blog post coming in November – I can’t wait!

Image Credits – WDW (Pexels via Pixabay), Sorrento (falco via Pixabay)

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