Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol Sheet Mask

I adore the brand Aromatherapy Associates, and i’ve reviewed so many of their products in the past and loved them. I was so excited by the idea of a sheet mask from this brand, that would have one of their amazingly relaxing scents, and do wonders for my skin at the same time. Read on to find out how I got on.

Unfortunately, the Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol Sheet Masks* (£42 for 4 from Aromatherapy Associates) failed to live up to my expectations. As soon as i’d opened and unfolded the mask, I didn’t like it. The mask is designed to deeply hydrate and firm the skin. It’s made with a biodegradable material (so kind to the environment) and is soaked in a blend of essential oils and skin plumping active ingredients. Frankinsense brightens and tightens the skin, Hyaluronic Acid hydrates and plumps, Turmeric improves skin texture, and Rose oil gives skin a radiant look.

It all sounds great, but when you unfold this mask, the eye, nose and mouth holes are huge. I don’t know what size of face this mask was designed for, but for the vast majority of people, this mask won’t cover their undereyes or part of their cheeks (due to the extra large eye and nose cutouts). The mask advertises itself as being ‘non drip’, and that’s true, but it’s actually far too dry. There should be a lot more serum than this.

The Aromatherapy Associates Hydrosol Sheet Masks also have a very strong essential oils scent – a lot stronger than I would expect from a skincare product. This is going to be off-putting to a large amount of people. My skin isn’t easily irritated, but I found that this mask slightly stung my skin, and I was unable to wear it for the full 10 minutes that the instructions direct. I think this is due to the high amount of pure essential oils in the mask – not all people consider this to be good for the skin on your face.

I wanted to love this mask so much, as I love the brand and I love sheet masks. It’s a shame that these masks are a complete fail for me. If you have sensitive skin, I wouldn’t recommend trying these out.

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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