Too Faced Glow Job glitter face mask

The US have had Too Faced’s Glow Job for a while now, but it only launched in the UK on 1st August, exclusive to Selfridges. It’s not currently available on the Selfridge’s site, but if you head into store, they might have a couple left. It’s such a unqiue mask that’s fully embracing the glitter trend, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on it with you.

too faced glow job mask

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This mask (which is part of Too Faced’s 20th Anniversary collection) is a clear, sticky gel that’s filled with finely-milled sparkly pink glitter particles, to give your face a magical sheen. It’s also infused with real gold, which is said to have many skincare benefits. This mask might be more gimic than substance, but there are definitely some interesting skincare ingredients in there.

The mask contains the apple fruit extract Pyrus Malus (which is said to have anti-ageing elasticity and skin-smoothing effects, as well as a good dose of antioxidents to protect your skin from the environment). It’s also infused with Dicrateria Rotunda and Ruttnera Lamellosa oils (which promote skin brightening).

too faced glow job peel off mask

This is a peel-off mask, but it’s not a harsh one like the black charcoal ones that went viral last year. It’s easy to peel off your skin (a bit like PVA glue), and your face does feel revitalised afterwards and a lot smoother. The mask gets rid of dead skin cells and makes your skin look brighter. Despite all this, it just didn’t feel like it was good for my skin. It felt a bit like eating a McDonalds – fun to eat and look at, but you feel a bit rubbish afterwards. I wanted to wash my face after using this, as I still felt as if there was still product sitting there on the surface of my skin. This is a fun mask to use, and would be great for a teenage sleepover, but i’m at that stage in life where i’d rather reach for a tried and tested, cult mask that I can feel is doing great things for my skin. Something Hirons-approved!

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I’m not going to talk much about the name of this product, but it’s fun and it attracts people’s attention, and that’s what a brand wants when you scroll past their products online or walk past their concession in a department store – something that makes them stand out from the crowd. ‘Glow Job’ does just that.

Glitter lovers – by all means try this mask, but it’s not going to do wonders for your skin!

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