halloween cocktail recipe

Usually I do quite a few DIY, recipe or crafty posts around Halloween, but this year my life is so crazy that I just haven’t had the time. However, when I got sent this delicious blood orange and cranberry liqueur, I knew I needed to make something with it, as it’s the perfect colour for the spookiest night of the year.

When you are making cocktails, the ingredients will be measured in ‘parts’. This means you can use any measuring spoon, glass or even jug to measure your ingredients, as long as you keep to the specified ratio. For example, if you are making a cocktail for yourself and your partner, you may use a shot glass as a ‘part’, or if you are making a cocktail for a party of 20 people, you may use a jug as your part as you will be making a lot more.

halloween cocktail recipe step 1

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This cocktail is one I invented, and it’s fruity and sweet. It’s perfect for Halloween as it looks like congealed blood. Start by putting ice into your glass. Then swirl some strawberry or raspberry ice-cream sauce around the inside of the glass.

cranes blood orange and cranberry liqueur

halloween cocktail recipe step 2

gordons pink gin cocktail

halloween cocktail recipe

You will then need a cocktail shaker or something similar to shake the rest of the ingredients together to properly mix them. To the shaker, add one part Cranes Blood Orange & Cranberry Liqueur* (£19.95 from Master of Malt), one part Gordon’s Pink Gin (£19 from Tesco) and three parts Fanta Fruit Twist (from all good newsagents). This is such a fruity drink – over 115 Wisconsin cranberries go into making one 50cl bottle of the Cranes liqueur.

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halloween cocktail recipe

halloween cocktail recipe

The ice-cream sauce will start to settle at the bottom of the glass like congealed blood, and it gives the drink a pretty two-tone effect. I hope that you love this cocktail if you decide to try it out, and that you have a very fun Halloween whatever you’re doing. I’ll be getting an early night as we’re jetting off to Lanzarote the next day!

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