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I love Lush Cosmetics all year round, but especially at Christmas; when they bring out a host of amazing products with seasonal scents and sparkles. All the cult favourites, including Snow Fairy, are back; but there are also a lot of new creations. I wanted to share with you my pick of what to buy if you’re planning on doing a Lush haul.

Snowflake Bubble Spinner

Lush Snowflake Bubble Spinner

Snowflake Bubble Spinner – £6.95 – Lush

This is the first spinner product that I have seen in Lush. It’s a mould-shaped bubble bar that have a wooden stick through it, so that you can spin it. A fun bath toy and bubble maker! It creates crisp white bubbles, reminiscent of snow. Patchouli Oil will improve mood, clear negative emotions and centre you again, and Sicilian Lemon Oil gives this a very fresh scent to brighten and awaken. A great addition to a morning bath following a bad night.

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Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar

Candy Cane Reusable Bubble Bar – £3.95

These are stereotypically Christmas and I love them. I want to buy a whole bunch and just display them in my bathroom. These are also bubble bars so you can hold or crumble under running warm water. I would have expected this to by minty, but it actually contains Bergamot Oil, to soothe anxiety and banish stress, and Sicilian Lemon Oil to lift mood and awaken. I’d use this after a bad day at work, and before heading out again to meet friends or go for dinner.

lush Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb

Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb

Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb – £3.95

These are pink and girly, and look so cute. Just drop one of these into your bath and watch your water turn pink and bright blue. There’s Sicilian Lemon Oil to refresh, rejuvenate and brighten, and blackcurrent-scented Buchu Oil – the scent of the cult Lush bubble bar The Comforter. A great product for a bath that will make you happier.

lush santa bomb bomb

lush snowman bomb bomb

Santa Bomb Bomb & Snowman Bomb Bomb Bath Bombs – £9.95 Each

These bumper products are made up of two conjoined bathbombs, so that’s why they are quite a bit more expensive, as you’ll get two baths out of them. These too would look great on display in a bathroom at Christmas time. The Santa Bomb Bomb has a sweet strawberries and cream scent and turns your bath water a Christmas-y red shade. There’s soothing Vanilla and comforting Cocoa Absolute. It’s like bathing in a dessert! The Snowman Bomb Bomb has a crisp Spearmint Oil scent to really clear the mind, and it colours your bath white and Disney-style Frozen blue.

lush Naughty Elf Bubble Bar

Naughty Elf Bubble Bar

Naughty Elf Bubble Bar – £5.95

These naughty elf heads will fill your bath with bubbles. These are fun and almost tropical in scent, with a mix of fruity and floral. Mango Leaf Absolute and Lemon Myrtle Oil mix with Jasmine Absolute to help ease emotional distress and make you feel a bit happier. I really believe in the powers of aromatherapy (although not for all life events obviously), so I like to look into some of the oils that Lush use. This elf might be naughty, but it’s a lot of fun too.

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lush Puddy Holly Bubbleroon

Puddy Holly Bubbleroon

Puddy Holly Bubbleroon – £4.95

A new incarnation of Lush’s famous glitter bubble bars. This bubbleroon is two bubble bars sandwiched around a filling of skin-softening Cocoa Butter. This glitter is notoriously hard to get off your bath once you’ve used it. The Puddy Holly Bubbleroon is marzipan scented and also contains Almond Oil, Shea Butter and calming Bergamot. Your skin will feel baby smooth after this, and it smells good enough to eat too.

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