christmas decorations

Christmas is just around the corner, and it will soon be time to make your home festive in preparation. I’ve just moved into a new flat that has wooden floors, a wooden fireplace, wooden doors; so I’m going to be all about a traditional, rustic Christmas this year when it comes to decor.

cox and cox christmas tree

A Christmas tree is the key focal point of all your festive decor, so the choice of which one is so important. I like natural-looking fake trees, that are wide and luscious, and at least 6ft. I don’t like my tree tucked away in the corner behind chairs – I like it out-front and prominent. I love the rustic look of this tree from Cox and Cox – paired with the wicker baskets full of presents, it’s a great neutral, non-offensive, rustic look that would fit well in any home.

christmas bar cart

Make your own foliage wreath with my Christmas DIY tutorial

In this article from Red Magazine, they’ve shown this colourful and unique way to re-purpose a bar cart over Christmas. I love how it’s stacked with presents, and everyone can gets theres from the trolley when they come to visit. The key to making this look so visually striking, is to mix and match all your wrapping paper and ribbons, so that all the gifts are different and vibrant.

christmas star decor

Stars are one of my favourite motifs, especially around Christmas, and just having them as part of your Christmas decor is a great, magical nod to the festive season. These are a great way to add a festive touch to rooms where you don’t want much decoration – such as the kitchen and bathroom. Keeping things simple with stars, is still making a room season-appropriate. Lulle & Laban blog have done it perfectly.

christmas fireplace

Discover how to make your own Christmas decorations with kids

Another key focal point in a living room is the fireplace. If you don’t have space for a tree in this room, or you just prefer to have your tree in the hall, decorating your fireplace and making it the area to store gifts in stockings, is a great way to make a festive statement. The Half Full blog featured this image, and I love their use of classic festive colours and homely gingham.

christmas bedding

Christmas bedding and cushions are a must for me, and it’s a great way to add a seasonal touch to these rooms in your house too. You don’t have to go all out and make things garish and colourful – just a simple design with create a magical feel in these rooms. Refresh Restyle blog does it well with the use of fabrics that are traditionally associated with Christmas, and some Christmas cushions.

Stay tuned for lots of new Christmas content coming to the blog and my social channels shortly. Bring on the festive season!

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