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We all love to travel and experience new places and new cuisines, but travelling can be exhausting. Whether it’s standing in airport security queues, or cramming yourself into economy class whilst trying not to breathe in all the germs, we all want these parts of our vacations to be over as quickly as possible. If you want to spoil yourself and add some luxury and style to your holidays in 2019, I have 5 ways to do it.

Fly by private jet

Ever since I went on my first private helicopter airport transfer from Nice to Monte Carlo last year (read about it here), I’ve been obsessed with the ease of it. Now, I would like to fly somewhere by private jet (for an example, check out Vistajet) and get a car right onto the tarmac to board. There would be no long security queues, no wrestling with luggage and no breathing in stranger’s germs.

beach cocktails

Get your own butler

When you book some luxury all-inclusive villas in the likes of the Maldives, or luxury hotel suites somewhere like Dubai, your room comes with your own butler. He/she will prepare drinks for you, reserve you beach chairs and set them up for you, and tell you everything you need to know about the local area. Book this one that The Telegraph have reviewed, and your butler will be specially-trained to help you take perfect Instagram shots.

chauffeur driven car

Book a private tour

If you want to visit a busy city such as New York or Los Angeles, getting about can be so tiring, especially if you’re weighed down with shopping bags. You can book a private tour guide driver (examples here) who will take you to the doorstep of everywhere you want to go, and recommend some local knowledge hot-spots. You can travel in comfort and style, and learn interesting facts at the same time.

luxury massage

Book an in-room massage

If you want to pamper yourself, but do it in the comfort of your own hotel room, you can book a private massage or beauty treatment to come to you. There are so many mobile beauty therapists on Google, so just search for one in the area you’re staying in and they’ll come straight to your door.

If you want to go on a really special trip in 2019, these are definitely some options to consider, to add some style to your holiday.

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