christmas bauble

If you’re reading this on Christmas Eve and there’s a gift you’ve forgotten to get, this post is for you. Or you might be needing to buy a present for someone who lives at the other end of the country and you’re past the last posting date? Here are 5 ideas for last-minute, paperless gifts than you can email.

red theatre seats

Buy tickets to a show

If your loved one loves going to the theatre or to music gigs, why not buy them a couple of tickets to an upcoming one. You can then just email the booking confirmation to them so that they can collect the tickets. Theatre tickets can be expensive, especially London West End ones, so have a look out for a discount ticket site before you purchase.

drinks tasting glasses

Book a drinks tasting

Whether whisky is your loved-ones tipple, or they’ve jumped on board the huge gin bandwagon, there will be drinks tasting sessions near them. Buying them a couple of tickets will give your friend/family member a fun night out. Have a look into independent whisky or spirits shops near them, as they’ll definitely offer tastings. Check out a ‘What’s On’ site for their area too, and then you can just email them their tickets.


Buy them something to read

Give your loved one an e-book/Kindle gift card or a e-magazine subscription to a site such as Readly, and you are giving them the gift of something to read for the next year. They can choose their own books, and they can read unlimited magazines from a choice of over 750 titles.

cat and dog

Sponsor them an animal

If you want to do something good this Christmas, and your friend or family member is an animal lover, why not sponsor them an animal. They’ll get updates throughout the year and will really feel like they are a part of that animal’s care. You can sponsor dogs and cats at the Blue Cross  and the money will go to buy everyday items for that animal until it is permanently adopted by a new owner. You can also help wild animals by sponsoring one at the WWF or Born Free.

cooking ingredients

Book them a cookery class

Why not help your loved one learn or improve on a skill by booking them a cookery class. Whether it’s baking or learning how to make sushi, there are no many experiences available nationwide. Sites such as Grouponare a great place to check for local discount classes of all types. They might even take you along as their plus-one!

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