It's Skin Power 10 Sheet Masks

This Korean skincare brand has not long launched into Boots in the UK. Their new collection – Power 10 – has been developed by dermatologists at the University of Seoul, and is packed with the best ingredients. There’s lots more to this collection than just sheet masks, but this is Face Mask Friday, and sheet masks are my thing! I’ve been trying out the Ve Mask and the Vb masks* (£5.99) – designed in bright, striking packaging to resemble a chemistry table of elements.The

It's Skin Power 10 Sheet Masks

The pink Ve sheet mask (and range) are designed to book radiance and nourish normal to dry skin. The key ingredient is Vitamin E (to moisturise and protect your skin from free radicals). It appears like a milky serum. Your skin feels beautifully plump and soft after using this mask.

The green Vb sheet mask (and range) has been developed to calm troubled skin and reduce sebum. It contains Vitamin B to improve the condition of your skin and repair damaged/sore skin. It appears like a clear gel serum. It controls oil but moistures skin at the same time.

All the masks in the collection also contain the powerful antioxidant Selaginella Tamariscina Extract – a patented complex of plant extracts to protect your skin from environmental damage.

There’s also Saussurea Involucrata Extract to revitalise skin, and Juniperus Chinensis to help prevent skin inflammation and protect skin cells

It's Skin Power 10 Sheet Masks

These are really good quality masks, and they are just saturated with serum enough to stay wet for a long time, but not drip everywhere. They aren’t the cheapest sheet masks in Boots and they aren’t any better than Garnier Moisture Bombs (at half the price) in my opinion, but if you love Korean skincare or are looking to treat yourself to something different, you won’t go wrong with these it’s SKIN creations.

This post contains press samples, but all opinions are my own.

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