space masks eye masks

Space Masks are a relatively new brand, with a great name and cool design. I really wanted to like these and float away to another dimension, but I don’t.

The concept of Space Masks – a soft over eye mask that hooks over your ears, heats up to relax your eyes and has a relaxing scent, isn’t at all new. Optrex have been making these exact masks, minus the star print design, for years.

I reviewed the Optrex Warming Eye Masks here, and now having tried Space Masks, I can most definitely say that the Optrex masks are better. Whilst neither really smell of lavender, the Optrex masks really heat up, whereas the Space Masks only get slightly warm. Space Masks are also quite a bit more expensive – £15 for 5, instead of Optrex’s £9.99 for 8.

space masks eye masks

I was really disappointed with my Space Masks – I wanted a lot more heat, and some kind of relaxing scent, but they failed to deliver.

I love wearing an eye mask to fall asleep, and I loved the heat from the Optrex masks. There’s something about putting an eye mask on, that makes you feel like you are blocking out the world.

If you do enjoy using Space Masks, or indeed the Optrex masks, I’d recommend spraying the outer side of them with a little bit of relaxing pillow mist (or a drop of Lavender essential oil) so that you are getting that calming scent too.

I can’t recommend Space Masks to you, but I do recommend the original Optrex version. It’s a nice way to end your day.

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