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A few weeks ago, I went back to Dr Roz Aesthetics for another treatment (read my first review of a chemical peel). This time it was Juvederm Smile lip fillers*. I got 0.55%ml injected into my lips to make them fuller, and the outline more defined. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get lip fillers, I think you’ll find this post very helpful.

As well as writing about my experience here, I also filmed the procedure for IGTV (Instagram TV) – watch my lip filler procedure here.

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When I arrived at Dr Roz Aesthetics, I sat down with Roz to get a full consultation that involved me telling her what look I wanted to achieve, and her telling me what would happen during the treatment, and all the risks involved in having it. Roz is a qualified and practising medical doctor, so I knew I was in very safe hands. Some of the risks of the treatment are that the filler could be injected into a blood vessel and cause some very rare effects, including blindness. However, the aesthetician should always draw back the syringe before injecting, to make sure they aren’t seeing any blood. If it is somehow injected into a blood vessel, the filler can be immediately dissolved by an enzyme that would be injected into the area. It’s important you feel safe with the clinic you have chosen to have the procedure done at.

juvederm lip fillers

Before the consultation began, Roz applied some numbing cream to my lips, and by the end of our chat, my lip area felt like I had got an anasthetic jab at the dentist. Numbing the area does reduce the pain felt during the procedure, but it does still hurt and feel very strange. I got 7 injections across my top lip – 6 on the outline and 1 in the middle, and I got 6 injections along the outline on the bottom.

juvederm smile lip fillers before and after

Some of these felt OK, and some were quite painful. I got this procedure because I was curious about how my lips would look, and because the journalist in me wanted to know how it felt. However, if i’m completely honest, I like my natural lips the best and I wouldn’t go through the pain of having these injections again. After the treatment, Roz gave me an ice pack to take home to hold on my lips, and I had to massage them to make sure the filler settled evenly. They were quite delicate and stingy for a couple of days, and the next day I have some minor bruising, but other than that, i’ve been fine. The photo above shows my lips immediately before, and immediately after. The other images in this post show my lips once they have settled after the two week mark.

I also put some FAQ questions about lip fillers to Dr Roz, in case you are looking for more information…

What are Juvederm Fillers and what results can they achieve?

JUV are a range of Hyaluronic acid fillers. They are used to smooth out lines (such as those around the mouth), to enhance and define cheeks and chins (and bums if you’re into that too!), and the most popular of all is to volumise lips!

What is specifically good about the Juvederm Smile product?

For me it’s that it is a quality product with a good safety record. It has been around and used worldwide for many years. It is great for lips as it’s quite hydrophilic. This means it draws water to it. So even a small, tiny volume like 0.55ml can create a dramatic effect once the filler has settled (2-4 weeks after placement). There is also a drug that we can use to dissolve the filler if there are any immediate or late complications. This reversal drug is probably the main reason why you should always choose a medical practitioner to perform a filler treatment. While anyone can buy and insert filler into your face, only a practitioner who can prescribe can legally stock and treat a complication!

Who are Juvederm fillers suitable for?

Fillers are suitable for almost everyone! If you are breastfeeding or pregnant, it’s best to wait until you are not. Allergy to the filler, or to the agent we use to dissolve it, would make it too dangerous to give. If you get cold sores, I prescribe a course of antiviral tablets, which will prevent these occurring.

What are the side effects and downtime from Juvederm lip fillers? What should you avoid doing?

Side effects include bruising, swelling, a lumpy feeling, visibly lumpy filler under the skin, redness, pain, allergy, and infection. There is also a small risk that you hit a blood vessel and interrupt the blood flow to an area of skin. This is where the reversal agent is vital to prevent scarring to the skin and tissue. There have been rare reports of blindness – the theory is that a tiny amount of filler got into the blood stream and got lodged behind the eye.

You should avoid heat and sunbeds (you should avoid these anyway!!). This can prolong the swelling. So you are best to get fillers done 2 weeks before a holiday, for example. You shouldn’t use wipes the night of treatment. The next day you can use makeup and lipstick as normal!

How long do Juvederm lip fillers last?

Because it is a naturally occurring sugar-like substance, we all have enzymes in our bodies which will break it down over time. Generally, it will last 6-9 months, and sometimes up to 12.

I was given this treatment on a complimentary basis, for review. All opinions are my own.

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